Sunday, October 17, 2010

thoughts of the moment: ministry

i recall a conversation i once had with a friend... perhaps it was 7 or 8 years ago.

a bunch of us were in the car, and we had driven by the scene of an evening car accident. most of us were oooing and awwing at the obviously unfortunate of the event. someone had comment "man, that sucks to be them"- a typical and socially acceptable reaction.

then i asked one friend why she was silent-- what was she thinking? she later told me "every time i see a car accident, i don't say anything. i just silently pray for them".

what a great example of what it means to be ministers of the Gospel. it's not always about feeding people or giving hugs or donating money. those are good things too. how many times do we forget to simply pray for others- whether it be enemies or friends, strangers or family.

someone once told me that God doesn't need us to pray so that He can know what's on our hearts. He already knows. so why pray? it's because by praying, we're demonstrating faith. faith that He'll do what He does best- be in control.

i think about that car accident story frequently. every time I see a car accident, often that story replays in my mind. though me and that friend are quite distant now because of academics, careers, and travels, I'm glad that they were in my life. some friends come and go, others stay, but no friend exists without leaving a footprint.

thanks friend.

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