Monday, October 4, 2010

searching for a partnership

i always thought my pickyness would do me no good. indecisiveness, lots of disappointment, lotsa of rejection.

but after all this searching and searching and research and emails, i think my pickyness will be worth it. things that i mentally filter OUT regarding ngo's and non-profits

1) groups who offer magazine/periodical subscription
2) activities that include going to the pool or computer technology
3) "backpackers welcome"
4) ecotourism
5) play with monkeys

i'm not against fun or recreation. but i guess for me, i'm searching for groups in what i think are "real need". things like holding kids hands, reading together, cooking as a community. some argue I'm against the luxuries of life but I wouldn't want to go that extreme. fun is nice but there's a whole lot of people in need-- orphanages, understaffed medical clinics, and languages going extinct. why do we spend so much effort conserving colorful birds and studying monkey and chinchilla behavior when there's thousands of kids roaming the streets, near-naked, painfully hungry, and in need of something as small as a hug?

dear You, the readers who still frequent my off-beat blog, don't take hugs for granted.