Tuesday, January 6, 2009

thinking evil

(respective translations)

NKJV 1 cor 13:5b "thinks evil"

ESV 1 cor 13:5b "resentful"

and in the NIV 1 cor 13:5b, Love "...keeps no record of wrong."

since all are translations create one circular idea, it's saying what love is NOT. if we as christians stand in our own shoes and say that Christ is love, and we strive to show others a genuine love, than we must work towards not keeping records of wrong. that means holding grudges with people who hurt us deeply. people who we feel like have made those scars on our hearts over the years, wounds we swore would take years to heal. it's not about pushing it aside and getting over it quickly, it's not about running from it and putting it behind us.

sometimes its about accepting the fact that those very hurts really aren't that big of a deal afterall. heartbreaks and heartaches, sour rumors, backstabbing and judgement over another person. those things are serious, they are real issues, but in the end, after we cool it and suck up our own pride, we realize that they weren't that big of a deal anyways. so what if you don't get the apology that you feel you rightly deserve, life is so much beyond waiting and wishing to be 'made right'. they'll deal with it in their own time, if not you, someOne so much bigger.

but definitely there is no easy way to 'keep no record of wrong'. doesn't mean it's not something we can't work towards. striving to live a life of genuine love. of forgiveness, acceptance. peace. a peace that overwhelms us, that flows through our veins and every relationship we create and take part in. something we constantly work on.

it don't mean we have to be buddy buddy with everyone, but to live in peace, do what you must do to be in that peace. no one is too far from redemption, if Christ's blood covered us all, who are we to hold something against others?

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