Monday, November 3, 2008

Enough is enough...

Far too long have we been wasting our time with the trivial things of this world.

What in the world are Christians doing wasting away with video games, hours of movie-watching and purposeless hanging out? i believe there is a line between building relationships and being a killer of time. and the latter is what Satan rejoices to. Yes I said the name, S-a-t-a-n.

Yes, I believe there are times in which we set aside to find rest, to 'chillax' and get some downtime in the midst of all that we call life. but if there isn't that urgency in our lives, if the Great Commission and all that Jesus Christ had preached about does not run through our veins, if His love does not flow into our interactions with other people, than what are we doing with ourselves?

Too many hours have i sat through sermons and bible studies hearing about what God calls us to do and how Jesus walked this earth. at too many large groups have I overheard people talk about what Jesus preached. and I must confess I fall into the majority when i say this: enough talking about this JESUS character and
it's about freakin time we start walking as he walked, touching as his hands have touched, standing firm to what is righteous and living as He lived. how better do we learn what love is than in action?

C'mon people. our days are numbered, our lives are too short to squander on WoW, chasing after intimate relationships, and worshipping ourselves. if you call yourself a Christian, and if we are not investing in the eternal, then i urge you to evaluate how you live your life.

how dare we waste what we have been given? and how tragic is it if our lives reflects the man who buried the one talent in this parable...


Anonymous said...

tell me about it! keep praying, my friend. things will change.

Crystal said...

amen! :)